Nihon Seimitsu Sokki Co., Ltd.

Literally translated as “Japan Precision Measuring Instruments Company”

Today, a lot of companies have moved their factories from Japan to “cheaper” countries to reduce the production cost that occasionally affects the goods quality. Nihon Seimitsu Sokki Co., Ltd., whose name literally sounds like “Japan Precision Instruments Incorporation”, is one of few companies who has retained and systematically develops its main production in Japan. Today, this company has four factories in Japan.


That is why you see the inscription “Made in Japan” on NISSEI’s digital blood pressure monitors. Only such a label can guarantee the consumer that the manufacturer not only has his office in Japan, but also makes this product in his country, whose special attitude to quality issues has long been known.


Currently, customers are offered several models of digital blood pressure monitors, which are assembled on company factories in Indonesia and in China. These models are assembled from components supplied from the major plant in Japan. All production lines are is certified for compliance with international ISO standards and European standards.